Wednesday, September 9, 2015

MaryLovesJustice Radio, Sept. 2015

YOU have radio shows at "NNIA1" and "Human Rights Demand" channels! With the exception of the Ralph Poynter Show on Tuesdays, our shows are now recorded at Conference number (605)562-0020, code 992-212-650 at the times scheduled below. Recorded shows will be played at Blogtalkradio a week later at the scheduled times. The NNIA1 call-in number is 818-572-2947, and our Human Rights Demand call-in number is 347.857-3293

*Monday* - Rozy Press and Voices for Justice
*Tuesday* - Ralph Poynter What's Happening, 9pmEST, Human Rights Demand re and current events regarding justice, especially political prisoners (participate in live shows at 347.857.3293)
*Wednesday* - STOP Mandatory Vaccinations, 9pmEST, Human Rights Demand: Discuss plans to enforce vaccinations on all 350m Americans
*Wednesday* - Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, midnight EST, NNIA1
*Thursday* - Jennifer Cobb ... and Justice for all Inc., 6pmEST, Human Rights Demand (Jennifer Cobb is on sabbatical. This show resumes in the spring 2016)
*Friday* - Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Org Demand More, 6pmEST, Human Rights Demand (half of each show presented in Spanish)
*Saturday* - Native American Affairs, time to be announced, NNIA1
*Saturday* - Johnnie Strozier Keeping It Real, 9pmEST, Human Rights Demand, reentry show hosted by Strozier, who served 46 years in prison
Dr. Vivian Anderson presents "The Trouble in Virginia" 6pmEST.
Previous broadcast series: "Stop CPS Abuse," "Interviews with Authors". Featured authors published books about legal, economic, or social justice. Sunday programming also includes interviews with experts as well as victims of the criminal justice system, etc. Human Rights Demand channel.
*Sunday* - MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting, midnight EST, NNIA1. We pray for justice and learn the REAL Word of God.

In autumn 2015, we plan to present a psychiatrist, author, and movie producer, Dr. Stephen Seager, discussing "Shattered Families," a movie about families of persons with serious mental illness, which we can all help produce. We will present Pam Wagner, author of "We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders." Wagner is a noted writer and poet who copes with a schizoaffective disorder. "Stop Mandatory Vaccinations" is a series of programs to alert the public about the government's plans for mandatory vaccinations of all Americans - adults as well as children. We will revisit the "Georgia vs. Malik Davis" case, about what might be false murder charges against Malik Davis, 17, regarding the shooting death of Nizzear Rodriguez, 13. A new witness and Malik's mother will speak. We also invited the managing editor of Truthout to return to Human Rights Demand and tell us more about her proposal to eliminate paying bail in the USA and describe her recent trip to Australia. We will discuss Rev. Edward Pinkney's incarceration, which happened after a wrongful conviction for election fraud in Michigan. Rev. Dorothy Mackey is our usual host for "Stop CPS Abuse" shows. Both NNIA1 and Human Rights Demand programming offers discussions about civil and human rights, especially concerning prisoners, people of color, and mentally ill Americans.

Pass the word. YOU have radio shows at "NNIA1" and "Human Rights Demand" channels! Our shows are now recorded at Conference number (605)562-0020, code 992-212-650 at the times scheduled. Recorded shows are played on Blogtalkradio a week later. The NNIA1 call-in number is 818-572-2947, and our Human Rights Demand call-in number is 347.857-3293. Great radio shows are already waiting for you to hear by computer:

Please join us at the scheduled times at (605)562-0020, I.D. Code: 992-212-650, where we always enjoy excellent sound quality. Please remember that the Ralph Poynter show is live at 347.857.3293 on Tuesday nights. All shows recorded at will be played and archived at Blogtalkradio to hear anytime, 24/7, via computer. Additionally, if you have justice issues to discuss that require a dedicated program, please try to call me at (678)531-0262, or send an email to MaryLovesJustice(at), or send a Facebook message to Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. My communication is compromised, so please be persistent. Blessings.

The information and viewpoints given by hosts and guests during our radio shows are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of MaryLovesJustice, Human Rights Demand or National Network in Action (NNIA1) radio channels. Neither hosts nor guests accept responsibility for the accuracy of information given by any other party.