Monday, December 28, 2015

Real Families: He Ain't Heavy

Announcing a new series of radio broadcasts: REAL FAMILIES NEVER QUIT - HE AIN'T HEAVY. These will be interviews with (a) ‪#‎prisoners‬' families and (b) survivors of victims killed under the color of law, as well as (c) families who have loved ones with serious mental illness. If you fit one of those categories and wish to be a guest on "Real Families Never Quit," which begins in January 2016, please comment here, email and message me, or call (678)531-0262. You will be featured on "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ralph Poynter What's Happening and The Cochran Firm Fraud

Paragraph 1 of 3: ANNOUNCEMENT - I was told tonight's episode of "Ralph Poynter What's Happening" show may be Poynter's last episode on the "Human Rights Demand" channel because of interference by #hackers. If the show moves, I will provide you with the new contact phone number. All other "Human Rights Demand" shows have already moved our live interviews to because of continuous interference experienced at Blogtalk, and we then upload the mp3 files at BlogTalkRadio. I also upload the shows onto flash drives and my cloud service as well as to the Blogtalkradio archive.

Paragraph 2 of 3: ‪#Censorship‬ in the USA is such that one may be required to make dual recordings, which we may also begin doing. One friend of mine, who is also a ‪#‎TI‬, records at TalkShoe, Blogtalkradio, and her conference call simultaneously. When hackers attack participants' phone directly, these measures do not help. Hear a sample: an interview I conducted with another #CochranFirmFraud victim whose daughter was reportedly killed by the doctor who delivered her. The baby's father and mother were awarded $100k by the hospital - West Georgia Medical Center in LaGrange -- but The Cochran Firm kept over 90 percent, all but $8,000, according to the unfortunate plaintiff who relied on The Cochran Firm frauds. Our recording at FreeConferenceCall experienced significant interference (probably through the phone lines), just as most of our "Human Rights Demand" shows do at Blogtalkradio. Mr. Coleman joined me on Nov 22, but the hackers attacked the phone connection. Hear us at if you are allowed to listen.

Paragraph 3 of 3. I will be glad when the lawyers' TM trial begins on January 12. Maybe the censorship will cease when their trial ends. Mr. Coleman and I plan to create clearer interviews on both audio and video in person. People need to know to watch out for their #babies since elitists have use for babies' organs, and all legal consumers must be told to "Beware of Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm" (Google the article for many more victims, most of whom sued, but the #media refused to report the lawsuits against The Cochran Firm alleging fraud, racism, malpractice, and RICO Act racketeering).The media has not even reported that The Cochran Firm is presently appealing a USDC order stating that it is not fit to be called "a law firm." Defrauding clients may provide a way to be paid well (by clients' defendants) for withholding legal services.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director, Human Rights Demand channel
Host, National Network in Action channel (NNIA1)